Terms of Delivery

PALMCO supplies independent grocery retailers in highly competitive markets across Europe. We firmly believe that the attributes of our distribution services will also resonate with prospective customers in neighboring countries. In addition to the Netherlands, we supply to Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Austria, Luxemburg, Sweden, and Denmark.
All credits for shortages, damages or order errors must be approved by our sales representative or reported to the PALMCO Customer Service Team at+31(0)639666874 within 24 hours of delivery.  Please have the invoice / receipt number & item number when calling in, to insure proper credit.  Product not purchased thru PALMCO will NOT be honored for credit. A Return Goods Authorization (RGA) form will be generated by the Customer Service Department for the items to be picked up, and will come with your next delivery. This form must match all items called into us. Please do not ask the driver to pick up any merchandise without the proper paperwork (RGA). Please DO NOT make deductions or deduct from your invoices.  Please wait until the RGA is processed.  Deductions cause delays & confusion when processing your payments . Refrigerated & Frozen Are NOT guaranteed and may NOT be returned for credit.

Snack Foods, Candy & Confectionary Products, Beverages:  Juices, Drinks, & Grocery are NOT guaranteed and may NOT be returned for credit.

Unopened ,  undamaged  merchandise purchased from PALMCO, which is NOT stickered, short coded, labeled, priced or faded, may be returned for credit (RGA) with re-stocking fee.
Product MUST be in the same packaging and/or lot, and in the condition it was delivered (i.e. items sold by the case must be returned as a full case.)
We will  NOT  accept for return any box that has the TOP RIPPED off.  These cannot be re-sold and are considered opened for use!
Damaged Product, and Short Dated Product:
Any damaged product must be reported to our Customer Service Department within 24 hours of delivery in order to
receive credit.
With respect to all merchandise, it is the responsibility of PALMCO to see that all products ordered are correct and delivered in saleable condition.  All refrigerated/frozen products are in code with at least 14 days of selling time (no short dating).  Please let us know if we do not meet any of these guidelines.
Any calls regarding short or damaged product received outside the 2.4-hour window will NOT   be honored and credit will NOT be issued.