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• PalmCo B.V. is wholesale company a leading cosmopolitan convenience store distributor started in 2017. PALMCO is a HALAL food distributer specialized in an unbeatable range of quality products from the Middle East.
• PalmCo Wholesale Distributor is strategically located in Holland along with its corporate offices as well as its main warehouse including a refrigerated/frozen food storage facility, with a fleet of trucks. 
• PalmCo Wholesale Distributors is a full-service convenience store distributor and wholesale supplier, providing customers with dramatic cost savings on thousands of items from dry groceries, legumes, dairy, bakery, frozen food, snacks, juice, refrigerated food & beverage and others.
• PalmCo Wholesale Distributors offers personalized sales support and a full-service approach for convenience stores.
• For more information on PalmCo Wholesale Distributors please
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• PalmCo B.V. registerd in the Netherlands
• The main office of PalmCo B.V. located in the Netherlands
Blauwwater Str 9N
5951DB Belfeld
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